Tuesday, January 23, 2018

2017 Leftovers

Week 4 of January already????  Here's the stuff I didn't get a chance to post in 2017.   Enjoy all the cookies and cakes -you can eat with your eyes if you are dieting in 2018 ;)

Top photo: More Avengers!  Hand painted and piped cookies along with a few Mjölnirs made with fondant.
Love me some pale pink and white!  This sweet little elephant is made out of fondant.  The cake is iced and filled with whipped ganache and covered in fondant ruffles.  The coordinating cupcakes are topped with vanilla buttercream.
There was a Paw Patrol chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream that was yummmmy!  Covered in fondant with fondant accents.  When I need the fondant to harden faster, I add a little Tylose powder to the mix. 

And then there were more babies!!!!  I'll tell you a little secret about this holiday baby gender reveal party....it's a girl!!!  I couldn't be more excited for the expecting parents.  Congrats!
 ...and more babies.  But this time instead of reindeer we have foxes.   Teal and orange may not photograph well, but they look amazing in person. 

 Seriously I just never know what you guys are going to ask me to make.  I was not expecting The Fast & The Furious or Nerf.  did. not. see. it. coming.

Now, I have talked about this before.  My sweet children do not get the cake attention they deserve from Mom.  They are insanely jealous of the treats I make for other kids, but when it's time for their birthday, I'm swamped with other orders.  We only ever have a handful of people over so it just doesn't make sense to make a giant cake!  But because I love my babies (even though they drive me insane most of the time) I put this Beetlejuice sand worm cake together in less than 3 hours - that includes bake time!  Is it my best work?  No.  Is it served on a pan covered in parchment paper?  Yes.  Does my son care?  Heck no!  He was just happy to get a sand worm cake!

I'm just a regular mom and our birthday parties don't look like Pinterest parties.  #reallife

....and these are the only photos I took on his birthday...lol  Happy Birthday to my sweet David.

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