Sunday, August 13, 2017

Summer Catch Up Post 1

I have really been enjoying Summer with my family (in between cookies and cakes of course!)  So much so that I haven't been neglecting my page - yikes!  I'll be working on new tutorials for the Fall season, but until then - here's a look at what yummy treats have been keeping me busy:

Top photo:  Lobsters, Lemon and Corn on the Cob  Apparently, they have a Lobster picnic every year - how cool is that?  I wasn't invited, so I'm a bit sad, but I really feel like that's a tradition I can get behind.  Love the lobsta!!!!!

 Poker Chips and Aces cookies. 
 My most challenging set of the Summer- incorporating Military, Patriotic, and Lineman themes.  ....and then make 200 of them :)
 Good ol' Hot Wheels and Barbie.  Feeling very nostalgic.
 I've made a similar set of these Baptism cookies before, but this time it was for twinsies!
 Daniel Tiger and all his friends!
Elmo and Dorothy (I wasn't really sure who Dorothy was), for the sweetest most adorable Nora ever!
 Some variety shots of cookies I've been taking to craft fairs.   All my friends are here: Darth Vader, Spiderman, Superman, Spongebob, Batman, Groot, Stay Puft, Minions, Unicorns, Rainbows, Trolls, goes on and on.   Baby Groot is my fave. 
 Peppa Pig and George and Georges Dinosaur of course!  Oh and muddy puddles!!!!

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