Sunday, September 13, 2015

Comic Book Cake

Another fun request for a comic book themed birthday!  This sweet lady couldn't make up her mind between Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men and the we did them all!  

The cake and board are covered in a mix of fondant and marshmallow fondant.  Unlike the Joker Cake I made previously, most of the decorations are edible images with a few items hand painted on fondant (mainly, the exploding cake around the middle tier).  Don't have an edible image printer? - no problem.  You can order edible images online.  Just be sure to size them prior to ordering to ensure they'll fit on your tiers.

Tips: To adhere an edible image to fondant, all you need is a little water.  Remember that the longer the images are out in the open air, the harder they are to peel and will begin to tear easily.  Just keep the pieces in a sealed bag until right before application.  If you're attaching edible images to cookies like these or these, wait for the icing to dry completely and then use a thin coat of corn syrup to adhere to icing.  It will help keep the edges from peeling up.