Sunday, January 7, 2018

Circus Cookies and Cake Using Modified Cookie Cutters

I have a TON of cookie cutters.  Someday I'll have to count them to see just how many, but for right now I'll say something like 20+ shoe boxes full!   I buy new cutters every 2 weeks or so.  The thing is I rarely make the same cookies twice.  I will invest in a new cutter if it's something that is difficult to modify using an existing cutter or if I'm sure I'll be making more of the same design in the future.
 This circus/carnival set is almost entirely made up from modified cutters!  Here are a few examples of how I used cutters I have in stock to create different shapes.

Popcorn - I used a muffin/cupcake cutter and trimmed the sides with a knife.
Clown - Easy peasy upside down ice cream cone cutter!
Cotton Candy -  Scroll cutter with bottom of ice cream cone  You could also use a triangle cutter or hand cut the dough to make the smaller cone shape.

Ticket - I used a rectangle cutter and a small circle to cut out the rounded edges.

Circus Tent -  I hand cut the shape using a paper template I printed as a guide.  I like using a pastry wheel to get a nice clean edge.  When using a knife, it can drag and leave a rough edge on your cutout.  If that's too much work for you, you can always grab a tent cutter here.

Elephant - Nope I did not have an elephant cutter, instead I opted to make him on a skinny plaque cutter.
And for this little one year old's birthday, I made a buttercream smash cake as well.   The decor was made using a Triangle Cookie Cutter, Plaque Cookie Cutter, and #1 Cutter. And of course little star cutters too!

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