Saturday, May 14, 2016

Cookie Catch Up

Here's a look at some of my recent cookie orders.  Lots of variety: Gymnastics, Horses, Rubber Duckies, Harry Potter, and some boxed Teacher Appreciation Sets.  Enjoy!

Gymnastics Birthday Cookies:  I used an edible luster dust on the gold medals.  In my opinion, it's never quite as bright and shiny as other luster dusts, but you can eat it!  The ribbon attached to the medals is however, a non-edible element that needs to be removed prior to eating. 

Harry Potter Monogram Cookies:  You could use any monogram on these for a wedding or shower!  I used edible petal dust to shade the edges of the banners, as well as edible luster dust on the bronze, silver and gold letters.

Horse Cookies: I don't own horses, or ride horses.  I have a terrible allergies and I've never really been able to be around horses for very long.  I imagine though, if I had horses I would want one in every color!  They are quite beautiful to look at.  I used a bit of corn syrup on the eyes to make them shiny.

Rubber Duckie Cookies:  Rubber duckies with adorable pink bows (made from fondant using a bow mold) and onesies with mini rubber duckies (I prepared tons of royal icing transfers in advance) and white ruffles.  I just love baby cookies!

Teacher Appreciation Sets:  Thanks for making me one smart cookie!  My kids got a real laugh out of me making cookies that look like cookies - hehe

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