Saturday, April 8, 2017

Easter Cookies for a Cause *Make Savannah Stronger Fundraiser*

Need Easter cookies?  Going to be in the Hamburg area tomorrow??  Here are the exclusive Easter cookie sets I'm donating to the Fundraiser for Savannah.  You can only get these sets at the fundraiser on Sunday, April 9th.  Fundraiser will be held at 301 Union St, Hamburg, NY 14075 from 12pm - 3pm.  

Help make Savannah stronger by attending, enjoying some goodies and doing a little shopping.    There are lots of wonderful items being donated for auction/raffle/sale by some amazing local people and businesses. 

I have a little nine year old girl of my own and I can only imagine how difficult this has been for Savannah and her family.   I hope my fellow WNYers will stop out to support this sweet little girl.  Not local, but still want to help out Savannah?  You can do so here.
Fundraiser for Savannah Facebook Event Here

Savannah Stronger Medical Fund Here


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