Friday, February 20, 2015

Rainbows and Spongebob

My kids are always admiring the big fancy cakes and cookies I make for other kiddos.  When it comes to their birthdays however, it seems mom is always running short on time.   Their cakes are never quite as fancy and I rarely have extra time to make cookies for them.  Also, we usually have tiny little parties with less than 10 guest, so there really isn't a need for a gigantic cake.

This is just the way it is.  So I'm showing you the quick cakes, cookies and cupcakes I made for my daughter's birthday party parties this year. 
My Ellen chose RAINBOWS as her theme.  Ok.  Rainbows.  First up: Easy cookies for school party.  Yes - easy.  Flood them with white icing, paint on rainbow and cover in sprinkles - DONE!
Next: Family party cake.  I figured this M&M's and Kit Kat cake would be quick.  I hadn't planned on spending so much time placing the M&M's, but overall it was pretty fast.  If you are thinking about doing a cake like this, there is a nice tutorial available from My Cupcake Addiction here.  Going random with the M&M's will surely save you time! 
Now we stray from the rainbow theme....
My daughter had a Spongebob cake when she was 3 or 4.  I told her no repeats!  But, as it turns out, she decided to have a movie party (Soonge Out of Water) with her  I caved.  No cake - instead I went with Krabby Patty cupcakes!   The cheese slices were made from modeling chocolate (McGreevy Cakes has a nice tutorial on modeling chocolate here).  The bun is a white cupcake sliced in half.  I cut the patty from chocolate cake with a biscuit cutter.  Lettuce and ketchup are both buttercream frosting.  After assembling, I brushed the top "bun" with water (mixed with a little tan food coloring) and sprinkled with white sugar crystals.  The cute little picks were purchased at Party City.
Phew, almost done.  Last but not least:  A few Spongebob Coloring Book cookie sets and make your own Superhero masks for the party favors.   
Now I'm tired.  Oh I almost forgot, I must give my husband credit too.  He always helps to cut, pack and clean for a party.  He is amazing - he has a knack for keeping me calm when I'm stressed to the max.

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  1. Hello, how many kit kats do you have around the cake? and what kind of straw do you use for the m and m's?