Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sunny Day = Letterboxing = Free!

With all of the nice weather coming up, I think I will take the children Letterboxing.  This will be oodles of fun for my daughter and my little guy won't mind running around the local parks! 

Mom can only spend so much time at the local playgrounds just sitting around, but Letterboxing gives us a chance to get up and move and also use our brains!  The best part is your kiddos (or you) get to stamp your book when you find one!  Did I mention it's FREE!!! 

How Letterboxing works:

Letterboxing is a "treasure hunt" activity where small boxes are hidden in public places that contain a stamp.  When you find one you get to stamp your own book (which you can make with the kiddos ahead of time) and also stamp your personal stamp on the journal in the Letterbox.  

For more details and to find your clues head over to

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