Monday, November 13, 2017

Getting Ready for the Holiday Season

There won't be any new Thanksgiving or Fall cookies sets this year folks.  The cookies pictured above are from last year.   My schedule is so full of regular cookie events, I won't be taking any November holiday orders.   Updates on December holiday cookies will be up on my facebook page soon.    If you have any questions about holiday cookies, please message me here

In the meantime, here are recent goodies I worked on:

Let's start with my fave - Gold, Teal, Purple and Chocolate!  Sweet 16 Drip cake with cookies.  The non-edible "Sweet 16" topper was purchased on etsy.

Another favorite of mine was this Supernatural Birthday Cake.  The wings are 100% edible!  Made from wafer paper.  I made each individual feather and colored with Wilton Black Color Mist (can you believe I still don't own a airbrush??)   Then I attached the feathers together using just a little water.   I inserted a real birthday candle into my fondant candle so you can really light it!  So much fun!

 There were a few more cakes....
A not so scary shark cake inspired by
Another drip cake covered in all sorts of characters.  You can have whoever you want on your cake!  There is no rule that says you can't mix DC, Marvel and ladybug superheros that I'm not really familiar with.  Want to do all female characters and then throw the Joker in there?  Go for it!
Little cakes are fun too!  A sweet Cookie Monster smash cake along with another set of sesame street cookies.  And this time I got to add Oscar the Grouch.

Moana themed smash cake (fondant topper) along with some simple Moan cupcakes.
 Not into cake?  There are plenty of cookies too:
 MORE SUPERHEROES!!!!!  Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman, Thor, Hulk, Wonder Woman, The Flash all on cookies!!!!  These #1's were big!!!!!!

For the littles we made Construction Cookies, Peppa Pigs in Pink and Red with Crowns, Cowboy or Cowgirl?  for a baby shower, Disney Descendants and more Trolls along with some golf cookies for a combo party.

For the big kids we made an Engagement assortment (Thank goodness she said yes!!!),  Lipsense cookies (FYI I love Lipsense), New Home assortment and a whole lotta logo cookies. 

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