Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer Cookie Catch-Up (cake too)

Summer at our house has been full of ups and downs.  While I'm really trying to enjoy these beautiful days with my little ones, we've also been dealing with the loss of my dad.  For those who found out previously via social platforms, I just want to say thank you to everyone who reached out and offered their condolences to our family.  Your kind words are appreciated.

But, life goes on.  And it's full of birthdays, Baptisms, graduations and new babies.  Thank you to all my wonderful customers who make it possible for me to be home enjoying time with my family.  Here's a sampling of some of my favorite early Summer sweets:

Baptism Cookies for the beautiful Miss H.

Sometimes simple is just so perfect.  Pink and white Baptism cookies with simple monogram cookies and white christening gowns.  I used a regular dress cookie cutter and trimmed it down to make a smaller gown shape.

Baby-Q Cookies
Could a Baby Shower being any more Summery?  For the Baby-Q shower, I made Gingham onsies and mason jars with gingham ribbon.

Blaze Birthday Cake
Well, my kids must be getting older because I don't know who Blaze is.  It cracks me up when I have to research cartoons to make a cake.  Hope Mr. Z.  thought I did an ok job on his Blaze Birthday Cake.

Graduation Cookies
Graduation cookies and cupcakes in purple, gold and white.  For whatever reason, my camera always makes the purple in images look blue.  It drives me CRAZY!   I assure you, the purple was more purple in person.

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  1. On the Blaze cake... how did you do the dirt pile that blaze is on? My sons birthday is coming up and I'm planning on doing a cake similar and wasn't sure if you used cake or Rice Krispies or something else.