Sunday, April 3, 2016

Getting Ready for Disney

Hooray!  It's almost time for our Disney Trip!  Here are a few ways we're passing the days until we head to the most magical place on earth.

Counting Down:

My children need a visual, so I opted to make a countdown board.  Each little Mickey has an activity on the back.  I printed them out on cardstock and affixed them to poster board $0.50 at Dollar Tree with push pins.  Each day they get to remove one.  Some of our activities include DIY projects, Watch Disney Movie, Select Favorite Rides, Pack Bags, Open a Disney Gift, Make Mickey Pancakes, etc.  This really helps my kids understand how much time is left before our trip and they LOVE doing a new activity each day!

Waiting patiently for his shirt to dry.
DIY Disney Dot Shirts:

There are lots of tutorials for DIY Disney shirts on Pinterest.  We went with the freezer paper method.  These were fast and easy!  My little guy had no trouble making the dots.

What you'll need:

Blank Tees (Light Colors will work best) - Walmart $2.97, Hobby Lobby $2.79
Freezer Paper - Wegmans $3.99 (My store only had one size roll and it is HUGE!  You'll have plenty for future DIY projects.)
Pencils with Fresh Erasers
Fabric Paint in 2-4 colors - Hobby Lobby set of 6 $1.80 with 40% off (I went with the tiny pots.)  You could also use fabric markers for a similar effect.
Cut your freezer paper to desired shape and gently iron onto your shirt shiny side down.  Freezer paper is REMOVABLE.  Dip your pencil erasers into desired colors and dot along the edges of the freezer paper.  There's no right or wrong way here - let the kids have fun and do their thing!  Once the paint has dried, peel up the freezer paper and presto - Mickey Mouse shirt!
DIY Iron On Transfer:

What you'll need:

Blank Shirts Walmart $2.97, Hobby Lobby $2.79
Image for Transfer (I purchased the images we used from Etsy)
Printable Iron-On Transfer Paper (Be sure to read instructions carefully, no redos here!)

Iron on the transfer (following pkg instructions of course) - Done!
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