Monday, November 17, 2014

Facebook Fan Giveaway and Giveback [ENDED]

I appreciate all you wonderful fans, I really do!  I'm so flattered that the count just keeps growing on my facebook page.

I promised a giveaway and I like to keep those filled with good feelings, but this week was bittersweet for me.  Another wonderful lady in my life was taken away far too soon.  My aunt Ginny was very kind to me and she will be greatly missed.  Cancer - what a terrible word.  There isn't anyone I know who hasn't been touched by it.   I lost my mother to cancer as well a few years ago.

My mother told me that when I was a baby she had a difficult time with me (she was a young mom) and that my aunt really saved her from going crazy.  My aunt had lots of kiddos of her own, so she was a pro.  She gave my mom the break she needed and showed her a few tips on how to calm me.  Being a mom myself (and struggling from time to time), I can appreciate just how good that must have felt to have someone who could help.
Now I don't have many photos of me and my aunt (and although her face is covered), I do believe this is us taking a rest.
Since my aunt was a HUGE fan of the holidays, I'm going to be giving away a Hallmark Christmas Ornament!  Which one you ask?  Well, it's a mystery ornament.   In honor of my aunt, I'm going to be donating all of the November earnings from my blog to Roswell Park Cancer Institute.  The more of you who enter, the better the ornament will be!  The ornament will be revealed on the 26th and the giveaway will run through the end of the month.

Now, please don't feel sad for me -she didn't want me to be sad for her.   Instead, go ahead and enter the giveaway.  The more you enter, share, comment, even print a coupon or 2, the more I'll be donating to Roswell!  Please stop by their website and consider making a donation - you'll receive some extra entries for your generosity too (honor system here people).
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  1. Sorry for your loss.
    Thank you for the kind giveaway! I shared this on my Facebook page! Good luck to all!

  2. amy guillaume lindermanNovember 17, 2014 at 3:06 PM

    what a nice idea for your donations!

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  5. Shared on facebook, thank you for the giveaway. Sorry About your losses

  6. I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my mom as well so I know how hard it is. Cancer sucks. :-(
    I shared on my Facebook page as well as my Facebook group. Good luck to everyone.

  7. I followed you on Pinterest ( Cancer is a horrible disease! So sorry for your loss of your Mother and Aunt!

  8. So sorry for your loss hun, I shared on my group

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