Sunday, July 20, 2014

More My Little Pony Cookies

Yep, My Little Pony Cookies Round 2.

I actually enjoy making cookies and cakes for the most part.  Sure, sometimes I get a little frustrated when something goes wrong, but overall it's very soothing.  However, I really dislike making My Little Pony cookies!  There are a million shades of icing (that might be a bit of an exaggeration), lots of layers, dusts, sprinkles, and eyes that need to be painted on.   Oh and I have to custom cut all the dough. Ugh, I really don't like doing them...but, they do look nice when they're finished. :)  Maybe next time I'll do some different characters.

I made a few adjustments to this batch.  My fave is the sparkly hair on Rainbow Dash.  Hope you like 'em!

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