Thursday, June 5, 2014

Eating Healthy and Saving Money!

My friend Carrie (and Beachbody coach) has asked that I write a post on how to save while eating healthy.  I recently started the 21 Day Fix program and have already lost 13lbs.  While I feel great, buying all those healthy fresh foods can be a bit of shock to the system (and your wallet).  So here are a few ways I save at the stores:


Yes, yes  most of us already love Wegmans.  They really have a fantastic selection of healthy foods and very reasonable prices.  If you haven't already, be sure to sign up for Wegmans emails.  From time to time they release printable coupons good on produce, meats and Natures Marketplace items.   They also send out Wegmans Menu magazine every season (make sure you opt in), that includes healthy recipes and more coupons!  From time to time, I also receive flyers with additional coupons in the mail.

Grab the extras in the stores.  Check near the front bins for coupons (typically on health/beauty items) and when you're in the Nature's Marketplace area look for the monthly magazine too! Yep, they're free and they have coupons in them too!

Wegmans doesn't run too many sales on produce and meats, however they do mark them down soemtimes.  Take your time and check the labels.  Always try to buy the family packs when you can to save some extra $$.  They have those wonderful pre-sectioned chicken packs you can just cut and freeze!

While Wegmans has excellent prices on most items, they are not always the cheapest.  For instance Eggs are $1.99 there right now (that is pretty high), so be sure to do your research before shopping.  They have a great site where you can prepare your shopping list and see prices easily.


Yes, there are actually coupons for healthy foods and products.  Before you shop, check out some of these sites for great printables and rebates. offers a wide variety of printables every month.   You can save on your extras like whole grain pastas, stevia and oatmeal with coupons.  SavingStar offers a rebate back on your purchases, just sign up with your store loyalty cards and select the deals you want.  Checkout 51 offers great deals on produce every week - one of my faves.  They offer rebates, you just take a pic of your receipt with your phone and done!   


Even if you don't get the paper, be sure to check the online flyers to see what foods are on sale where.  Planning ahead can save you big money!  You can often find the best deals on things like eggs, milk and nuts at pharmacies (Wegmans, RiteAid, CVS).  Since it's usually only 1 or 2 items you are looking for at the smaller stores, I suggest doing it all in one trip.  While it may sound overwhelming, it actually can make it easier.  Get your lists together and head out.  Most stores are located near each other in a "busy" area.  You'll save on gas too by hitting the stores in a direct line.  It's easy to lose steam if you space it out, "oh, I'll go here today and there tomorrow" doesn't always work when you get busy.


Yes.  Buy the Lucky Charms (calm down everyone) when they are a $1.00 or $0.50 moneymaker.  No, you don't have to eat them, but that extra dollar can go toward your Coconut Oil!  Make a box and collect those moneymaking/free foods you don't eat to donate.  While you may be all about being fit and healthy, there are always others in need.  Buy em, save some extra and feel good about making a donation to a local organization.


Recently Target has expanded it's coupons with Cartwheel.  You can often find entire grocery discounts and single food items, including produce discounts on Cartwheel.  Give it a try.  Remember, you have to load the offers to your Cartwheel before you shop.  You get an extra 5% off with a RedCard - and YES, it can be a debit card (you don't have to open another line of credit), head over to customer service - it's easy!

Now that I've rambled on for a while, here are some healthy offers for you:

- $0.35/1 Land O Lake all Natural Brown Eggs printable here
- $1.00/2 JennieO Ground Turkey printable here
- $1.00/1 Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Stevia, Sugar, Honey

$0.25 Cash back on Bananas from Checkout 51
$0.25 Cash back on Tomatoes from Checkout 51

20% off Oranges from SavingStar

5% off Bananas at Target
5% off Fresh Cherries at Target
5% off Watermelon at Target
5% off Peaches at Target'
5% off Pineapple at Target
5% off Fresh Berries at Target
5% off Cantaloupe at Target
5% off Mangos at Target
5% off Avocados at Target
5% off Apples at Target
5% off Tomatoes at Target
5% off Peppers at Target
5% off Sweet Corn at Target
5% off Lemon/Limes at Target
5% off Oranges at Target
5% off Kiwi at Target

These deals are for the Buffalo, NY area. Prices may vary by region, please check your local ad (or store) to verify deals before shopping. Some coupons are regional - I do my best to only include deals for coupons which were received in our area. Posts on this blog may contain affiliate links for which I receive compensation. Thank you for your continued support! 

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