Friday, April 18, 2014

Coloring Book Cookies

I've been meaning to get this post up for a while now.  I'm just in love with coloring book cookies!  The possibilities are endless.  Any character, any theme, and wonderful little "paint" palettes made from food coloring.  Just add water!

Look at all the adorable little testers I've had the pleasure of making these cookies for.  They're so focused while painting!  Have a peak at their beautiful work.

Photos by Kristen Burrell Photography
Photos by Kristen Burrell Photography
Planes with Flight Controls and Doc McStuffins with Dr. Bag

...but what really matters is how they taste!
Photo by Kristen Burrell Photography
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  1. Hi! I came across these on Pinterest, and I LOVE this idea! Are the 'palettes' just super pigmented royal icing that becomes paintable when wet again? Or is there some other trick? Thanks!

    1. There are lots of ways to make these, but I prefer to paint the food coloring onto dried royal icing. It takes a few days to dry fully if you put a nice coating on it.

  2. I have tried these with an edible marker for the outline but it bleeds. Did you outline in icing or marker?