Monday, February 3, 2014

Monster High Birthday Party with DIY Ideas

Saturday was my daughter's 6th birthday!  She chose Monster High as her theme.  Here's how we celebrated:

I'm so tired of buying helium balloons, cramming them in the car and them ending up on the floor in the morning.  This time, I opted to hang them on the wall instead.  I used push pins, but sticky tape would work just as well.  That's a Dollar Tree tablecloth in the background and streamers twisted together and I purchased the "Happy Birthday" sign at Party City.

For the banner on the second table, I just googled the monsters, printed, and cut out triangle shapes.  Punched holes at top and ran ribbon thru.  I made the tissue paper flowers using this post by Shore Society as a guide and I purchased the tissue paper at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon for $0.60.

Since my Halloween decorations were packed away and I didn't feel like digging through the bins, I made a few cobwebs using this post by This Heart of Mine as a guide.   I also printed a few Happy Birthday labels to slap on the drinks using this template from Mighty Delighty.

For the cake decorations, I made royal icing transfers ahead of time.  I printed the image, placed it under wax paper and piped on my design.  Allow a minimum of 2 days for dry time before removing from wax paper.  These can be fragile depending on the complexity of the design so make extras!

For the cookies, I sketched out my design using an edible marker.  Then I outlined in black royal icing, let that dry minimum of 2 hours and then began filling and adding detail.

For the cake, well....I was pretty tired so I used store bought (gasp!)  Don't forget your $0.75/2 Betty Crocker coupon here ;)  The frosting however, was homemade.  Here's a buttercream recipe from The Savory Sweet Life that's mighty tasty!

I'm always amazed at all the talented people out there, blogging and sharing their aweseomeness.  I hope you take a peak at some of the wonderful posts/blogs I mentioned.  Keep creating and sharing!


  1. These cookies look fabulous!


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