Monday, December 9, 2013

Really Fun FREEBIES from Santa and his Reindeer!

Not only are these things awesome, they're also FREE!

Absolutely one of my kids favorite things - the Video Message from Santa!  You can create and customize your video message from Santa (via the Portable North Pole) here.  I assure you they are truly magical.  They also offer a premium version that costs $3.99 (a portion of the proceeds goes to your local Children's Hospital) and gives you some extra options and additional footage, plus a special Christmas Eve message.  They offer lots of other goodies on their site as well.

You can even modify the video later.  This is especially handy if say your child (like my David) is not quite on the nice list yet.  You'll still have time to scoot them onto that nice list before Christmas (hopefully they've cleaned up their act by then!)

You can check out the videos for my kids here and here (just make sure your little ones don't see it!)  Ellen's is a premium version and David has the free one.

When you're not watching Santa, you can watch his Reindeer!  Be sure to check out for Santa's Official Reindeer Live Feed.   Santa pops in to feed the reindeer Mon-Fri at 11am, 6pm & 9pm | Weekends at 6pm (Eastern Time).  Yes, they also have an app so you can watch those reindeer on your tablet too.  This is a free service, but if you are feeling extra nice, you can make a donation.

Don't forget to add your little ones names to the nice list that plays in the background.  Go here to learn how.

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