Monday, October 7, 2013

DIY: Easy, Affordable, NO Sew Tutu - Perfect for Halloween!

Need to make a quick costume for Halloween?  These tutus are perfect, easy and fast!  Smaller ones can be finished in under an hour.  They're also great for birthday parties, dress up and other holidays!

  • Tulle - Rolls or by the Yard.  Note: if you purchase it by the yard you will need to cut it into strips. 
  • Silk Ribbon
  • Scissors

For the smaller tutus I used 2-3 small rolls of tulle.  For the large (adult size) witch costume, I used approx 14 yards.  You can grab the rolls on sale for $2 or less making this project super affordable!

  • Measure waist and knot ribbon on each side.  Be sure to leave enough extra ribbon (past the knots) to tie the tutu on when finished.
  • Cut tulle strips to desired length.  If you want your tutu to be 12" long you will need to cut a strip 24" long as it will be folded in half when attached.
  • Fold strips in half.  Place over ribbon (creating loop) and pull tails through loop.  Pull tight to create loose knot.  Slide knot down ribbon.  Repeat until tutu is filled.  (see video at end of post)
  • Embellish with whatever you like: Sparkly ribbon, rhinestones, bows, etc.

*There are all sorts of tulle available.  Sparkly tulle is stiffer and harder to work with.  It also leaves sparkles everywhere!  If you don't want a mess, add rhinestones later instead.  

*If you want a color to look brighter - add several 3 or more of the same color in a row instead of alternating each one.

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