Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Back to School Shopping - The Good...and the Bad.

As soon as the back to school sales started up this year, I knew it would be easy to get every thing on my daughter's list (and then some!) for next to nothing.  This is a big year for her - she is starting Kindergarten and I told her she could pick ANY lunchbox she wanted!  To my surprise she chose the pink horse lunchbox from Pottery Barn.  Despite my best efforts to steer her toward cartoon characters in Target, she insisted that the horse lunchbox was the ONLY one she wanted.

Since I gave my word (and neglected to set any price restrictions), I now present you with my daughter's new $29.50 lunchbox that has completely destroyed my back to school budget!
The smile on her face when she opened the box = priceless.

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