Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rite Aid +UP and Load2Card Changes

While our area has been using the Load2Card feature for a few months now, Rite Aid is now implementing the Load2Card +UP program everywhere.  Here's what they posted on facebook:

"To offer even more value and convenience, we’re excited to announce the chainwide rollout of our Load2Card +UP feature! All of your +UPs will now be automatically loaded to your wellness+ card – no more having to keep track of your paper receipts! If you prefer, you’ll still have the option to receive +UPs on your register receipts rather than having them loaded to your wellness+ card.

This will officially go into effect on Sunday, Sept. 2, at all Rite Aid Pharmacy locations. If you have any questions, check out our Load2Card +UP FAQs: "

A few important notes:
  • Load2Card +UP Rewards are not available for redemption until 6:00am the following day.
  • You can switch back to paper +UPs if you prefer: call 1‐800‐RITEAID to switch to paper +UPs (note: +UP paper activation will still be 6:00am the following day.
  • The amount of Load2Card+UP rewards you have earned will still print on your receipt.
  • Highest value of Load2Card +UP's will be redeemed first.
I have gotten used to the new program already and actually enjoy the new online feature where you can check your +UP balances and expiration dates.  To view your +UP balances go here and login

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