Thursday, July 12, 2012

JCP: Best Prices??

I haven't been a huge fan of the JC Penney pricing change that took place earlier this year.  In the first few weeks I was able to find shirts for $2 and even managed to snag a winter coat for my daughter for $2, but since then I haven't seen as many great deals.  JC Penney or jcp now mark items down to the "Best Prices" on the first and third friday of each month. 

It seems to me that unless I am there when they open on Friday morning, there really isn't much left for under $5.  I've also noticed that the particular jcp I shop at really doesn't keep up on marking the items down.  I am now having the cashier check the prices on the items I might be interested in (if the price is right).  

Yesterday, I stopped in and picked up two pairs of shoes.  I have a little shoe problem and was delighted to find that the actual price was almost 60% less than the marked price!  I'm not sure if this is just a problem at my jcp, but I would highly recommend checking the prices to see if they have been marked down more.  The glittery pumps were marked $17, but rang up $8 and the black pumps were marked $14, but rang up $6! 

I also found some cute sandals marked down online this week for $5 each and tees for $3 with Free shipping to store (no minimum) with code JCPSHIP.

Have you found any GREAT DEALS at jcp lately?

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