Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tops Gas Deal = $0.17 Pop Tarts!

I went to do a little shopping this morning and stopped by the Tops in EA and the one on Transit in Lancaster - both gave $3 instant savings on the Kelloggs products - this means you can save even more on the GasPoints Deals!

(6) Pop Tarts $12.00
- $3.00 instant savings
= $7.00 + get 200 gas points ($6.00)  like paying $0.17 each!!!

(6) Kelloggs Cereals $15.00
- $3.00 instant savings
- (2) $1/3 printable here or here or $1/3 from (SS 6/3)
= $10.00 + get 200 gas points ($6.00) like paying $0.67 each!!!

I really enjoy getting to free gas, but I had to fill up my van today.  Thanks to the mystery shopper who forgot his Tops bonuscard and used mine for the extra $0.10 off a gallon!  I was able to fill up at $0.65 a gallon.  Don't worry, I still have 4 weeks to get FREE GAS!!

WOW!!! BONUS: On the back of inside of some of the Kelloggs cereal boxes (box will be marked) there are codes. 6 codes get you a FREE movie ticket (up to $12) 8 codes gets you a FREE 3D movie ticket (up to $15!). 

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