Sunday, May 6, 2012

Last Coupon Doubler Trip

I was out of creamer (and my husband gets grumpy when he has to use milk) so as soon as those creamer coupons came out yesterday I decided to make one last trip.  I had been to Tops probably 12 times last week and I was pretty tired of going, but this transaction was well worth it.

Paid:  $7.74
- $5.00 SavingStar Rebate for Oikos Yogurt
- $0.10 gallon/gas = $3.00
= like making  $0.26!  I bet free watermelon tastes even sweeter!

Now even though I'm really not interested in grocery shopping this week, I'll be getting those Tops and Wegmans posts up today.  There are actually some good coupons in the paper this week including one freebie so if you haven't already go out and pick one up!

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