Friday, April 13, 2012

Saving on Movie Rentals

We used to love Netflix!  That is until they changed their pricing last year.  We cancelled as soon as the changes went into effect.  My taste in movies may not be the same as yours, but it seemed to me that there was RARELY anything good on the instant stream that justified paying the $7.99/month fee.  There was NO way we were going to pay twice that to get a few rentals a month!  The single movie plan was the same $7.99/month where you only get one at a time.  The shipping is incredibly fast, but even if you get it in the mail right after you watch it, you are only getting 1 or 2 movies a week.  So if you manage to return them immediately after receiving them you can watch 8 movies a month = approx $1 each.  My mom brain rarely remembers important things and I usually did not get the movies back in the mail the next day.  We probably spent more like $2 per rental.

Redbox is now my favorite place for movies.  We have them all over the place in my area.  The current price per rental is $1.20.  That being said most of the time I pay $0!  There are tons of Redbox codes you can get for free rentals (some are listed at the bottom of this post).  The best part is you can use them once per credit card!  If you have bank cards or credit cards that are issued to you and your spouse - you most likely have individual card numbers and this means you can use the codes more!  On top of that Redbox consistently has promos where they offer free movie nights and $0.50 nights.  They also give out Birthday codes for free rentals.  I suggest liking Redbox on facebook and signing up at their site for a FREE rental!

For those of you who want to watch instant shows offers a nice selection for free and for those of you who are oldschool and lucky enough to have a Blockbuster nearby there rentals are all $0.99!

Happy Movie Night!

Current Redbox Codes:

REDBOX (new customers only)
DVDATWAG (works at Walgreens only)

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  1. Brian & I will have to check this out! I love the thought of a free movie with a glass of wine!!