Thursday, July 9, 2015

Influenster Nuture VoxBox Reviews

I L-O-V-E Influenster, but this wasn't my favorite VoxBox.  I'm going to be honest, most of the products were just so-so.  So here we go:

#OreidaEasyFries / Ore-Ida Extra Crispy Easy Golden Fries (Wegmans $1.49)  
Family Vote: 50/50

Since this is a frozen product, I received a coupon for a free Ore-Ida Extra Crispy Easy product.  Wegmans only had 1 style - the Golden Fries.  I would have preferred to tried the Tater Tots.  While these were indeed very easy and fast to prepare, they didn't get Extra Crispy and tasted pretty much like every other frozen fry.  My kids enjoyed them, but Mom and Dad give these 2 thumbs down.  We wouldn't even normally serve fries with dinner, and these are no healthier than other brands.  If you're looking for a cheap fry fix (and not concerned about the healthy factor) - you're better off grabbing a $1 fry at the fast food place.  @Oreidapotatoes @Influenster

#RedVinesRoadTrip  / Red Vines Candy (I've seen these at the Dollar Tree)  
Family Vote: 50/50

Candy is definitely a personal preference, so this is a hard one to review. The boys loved them and the girls did not.  That's it - a 50/50 split.  So for a $1, take a chance and see.  FYI: These do NOT taste like Twizzlers. 

#wevegotyoucovered / Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen Sensitive and Sport ($12.99-14.99) Mom's Vote: Really Like!

I used this on my face, neck and arms and never got I'd say it works!  My skin is super fair and very sensitive and I had no reactions to this product whatsoever.  It goes on pretty thick and isn't like a lot of the sheer sunscreens, so it is slightly more difficult to blend in with makeup.  Overall I was very happy with this product!  The price is the same as most of the other brands out there, but you can snag an extra $10 off with code D10INFLUENCE (thru 8/31/15) here.   *I tested Blue Lizard® Sunscreen for free, but all opinions are my own.

#nondrowsydramamine  / Dramamine Non-Drowsy Naturals ($4.88-7.99)
Mom's Vote: Like

I'm the one in the family that gets motion sickness, so I'm the one who tried this.  The Dramamine Naturals is basically just a high does of ginger.  We aren't going on our long road trip until August, so I just had to use this on short trips where I wasn't driving.  It's difficult to gauge if this products works....but, I didn't puke.  Now that being said, I don't usually puke.  So....maybe it works???  I'll update this at the end of August.  I have used Dramamine products in the past and they've helped.

$1.00/1 Dramamine printable here

#HadaLoboMask Hada Labo Tokyo Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Mask ($14.99)
Mom's Vote: Would Not Recommend

I did not like it.   It was cold (you could probably warm up your pack a bit before applying) and felt slimy when you put it on.  There is so much serum on it, that it slides right off your face.  You really need to recline or lay down to keep it on.  Once you take it off, there is still tons of serum on.  I patted it in as it suggested, but my face still felt sticky for several hours after.  After one use, I didn't see any improvement in my skin, nor did it feel extra moisturized once the serum had absorbed.  Definitely not worth the price.

#ATTITUDEatTarget / ATTITUTE Hair Care 2-1 Shampoo/BodyWash ($9.99 at Target)
Family Vote: 50/50

Our entire family tested this one.  For the ladies, it worked fine as a shampoo, but we also use conditioner so it's hard to see a difference in our dry hair.  I didn't feel the lather was rich enough for a body wash - I like my suds!  However, this kind of product is perfect for the boys.  They're all about speed.  It has a pleasant scent and gets the job done, but the price tag is a little high for me. @ATTITUDEliving @Influenster

#BeginwithBen / Uncle Ben's Flavored Grains ($2.00)

Couldn't find the flavored varieties locally (needed to redeem a coupon), so as of yet I haven't tested this product.

* I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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